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Ethan Capshaw - "The Trailmaster"


When you are riding on thousands of acres, you would like to feel that 

your Trail Guide, knows where he's going.  Ethan does.  That's why we 

call him the "Trailmaster".  And it's easy to communicate with Ethan 

too.  If you speak Spanish, so does he.  Italian, Chinese or English. 

So does he.  Pick your language, pick your horse and away you go.  Get 

ready for a most memorable day, because you are about to have one when 

you ride with The Trailmaster.

Dylan Capshaw - "Mr. Dylan"


You may not remember the TV Series "Gunsmoke".  I'll date myself and say 

that I do.  Too well.  The Sheriff in Dodge City, Kansas, was Matt 

Dillon or as  everyone called him Mr. Dillon.  Our Dylan spells his name 

a little differently, but he rides tall in the saddle, just like the 

Sheriff of Dodge City.  Dylan works with Trailmaster Ethan to make sure 

that you have the best horse----for you---not for me, not for another 

rider, but for you.  An important job and you'll know it's good to have 

"Mr. Dylan" in your corner when it comes to picking horses.

Emma Valentina - "Emmatina"


Valentina is the sister of the "Trailmaster" and Mr. Dylan and is half 

their age.  But don't think she's shy,  because she's only nine years 

old. If you thought that, you'd be dead wrong.  Emma can take care of 

herself AND will make sure that your riding experience is a good one. 

Valentina will "have your back"---every time.  Just tell her what you 

need and she'll make it happen.  Take that to the bank and make the 


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