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I would have to begin with Apache, our senior statesman, and believe me,

the Legend part of his registered name is well deserved.  He is a TRUE

Legend and anyone who has ever ridden him, knows that.  He has a unique

ability to raise himself to the level of the rider, whatever that may

be.  If you are a novice, he knows it and will give you all of the

breaks in the world.  In short, Apache will take care of you!  Beginners

will be walking because he wouldn't run with you, no matter how many

times you asked him to.  If you are an experienced rider, he will know

it as soon as your foot hits the stirrup and he will take you for a ride

on your level.  Trust me.  If Apache is your mount, just sit back and

relax, he'll do the rest.  Amazing horse!



I know "Gabby" well and I know him from the second he came into this

world.  Why?  Because I was there, on that hot Missouri day many years

ago when his Momma got into trouble because her baby was not  entering

the world in the right position.  Thank goodness I was there.  My cowboy

friend Kenny and I were able to "turn" Gabby and pull him to the

sunlight with a John Deere tractor.  Without us, he wouldn't have made

it.  I think Gabby knows that because he follows me around all of the

time like a little Puppy Dog.  He has that look that, "I'm glad to be

here".  He's from Missouri (The Show Me State), so show him that you can

ride and he'll take you on a good one.  Show him you're a beginner, and

he'll take it nice and slow, give you plenty of time to pick up your

"horse skills" and then, and only then, will he pick up the pace a bit.

In short, Gabby will take good care of you



Buddy is part of our family.  He doesn't sleep in the house, but he'd
like to.  He is Valentina's horse and she wants to share him with the
world, with you.  So if you end up on Buddy's back, not to worry,
Valentina is a young girl and he takes care of her like she is pure gold
(she is).  He is also a gentle, sweet guy, who likes to be petted, so
give him a pet on the head after your ride.  He likes that a lot and
he'll remember you.  And that's a good thing, because if he had two legs
instead of four, he would be a person who you would want to be your
friend.  I know that because Buddy's a good friend of mine!

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